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Some Disney DVD releases are back on Amazon after they were removed from the e-commerce site in August.


Amazon and Disney could be on the verge of patching things up, according to a new report.

Some of Disney's upcoming DVD releases, including "Guardians of the Galaxy," "Maleficent," and "The Hundred-Foot Journey," have found their way back to Amazon's e-marketplace last week. The change suggests that the companies' stand-off could be inching to a close, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday, citing people who have knowledge of the situation.

Amazon stopped offering preorders on some Disney DVDs in August in a contract dispute with the entertainment giant. Digital versions of the same films for Amazon Instant Video were, however, available on the service.

The dispute is still officially ongoing, the Journal's sources say, but the return of those Disney DVDs to Amazon indicates that tensions are starting to subside.

Neither Amazon nor Disney immediately responded to a request for comment.

The Disney kerfuffle is reminiscent of a spat Amazon had with Warner Home Video earlier this year. For a period of time, some of Warner's films, including "The Lego Movie," vanished from the site. While Amazon never spoke publicly on the matter, it was believed at the time that the company removed the films to boost its margins on each sale.

A similar situation continues to play out with book publisher Hatchette, which has seen its title sales restricted after the companies could not agree on terms. Amazon wants Hatchette to maintain its e-book pricing at $10, while the publisher argues it has the right to assign any price it wants on the books. Hatchette argues that Amazon's move is designed solely to steal profit and market share from competitors.

For its part, Amazon has made clear that it has no intention of backing down against its vendors, saying earlier this year that it won't quit in attempting to keep prices down.

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