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A series of "emergency cabinets" from online retailer In Case Of is available just in time for Halloween -- or your next scary dream.

cover-shot.jpgIn case of demons, break here! In Case Of

Boy, do I wish I had everything I needed to deliver a deathblow to the monsters in my closet when I was a kid. Alas, I had to make due with hiding under the covers and hoping the weak yellow glow of my nightlight was enough to keep the unseen beasts at bay.

Not so anymore!

California-based retailer In Case Of is now selling a series of "emergency cabinets" that contain everything you'd need to fend off an attack from a werewolf, zombie, vampire or demon. Not only would these bring a jittery kid a peaceful night's sleep, they'd also be a pretty badass decor addition to any adult's lair. I can envision one hanging in my "man closet" now.

Each cabinet features a variety of monster-fighting gear behind glass imprinted with the words "In Case Of [Insert Monster Type Here] Break Glass." (The demon case says "In Case of Exorcism Break Here," natch.) There's even a small hammer embedded in the side case should that fateful day ever come when you need some silver bullets to waste a wolf or a crucifix for a demon exorcism lickety split.

Some of the critical gear you'll find behind glass includes a "sealed scroll of abolishment" (for demons); a musket with a silver bayonette (werewolves); a 12-gauge short-barrel shotgun (zombies); and some wooden stakes and garlic for the vamps. Of course, none of the weapons are actually real -- but they're very realistic-looking replicas and I'm sure they're enough to scare the bejesus out of any would-be supernatural attacker trying to make its way into your home.

The cases run $188 each (approximately £115.90, AU$215.42), which might seem pricey until you realize many of the items are handmade and hand-painted. Have a look at the cabinets in the gallery above, and if you want to send me one as a Halloween gift, I'll give you my address. I never really did get over that "scared of the dark thing," you know?

(Via Design Taxi)

Freelancer Michael Franco writes about the serious and silly sides of science and technology for Crave and other pixel and paper pubs. He's kept his fingers on the keyboard while owning a B&B in Amish country, managing an eco-resort in the Caribbean, sweating in Singapore, and rehydrating (with beer, of course) in Prague. E-mail Michael.

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