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This "off the rails" train ride is the perfect way to spend a night zapping the undead for some pre-Halloween fun.

screen-shot-2014-10-02-at-12-06-12-pm.pngThis train is for humans only, Zombie scum! Zombie Train

Sure you can go trick-or-treating with the kids on Halloween. Or maybe go see a scary movie. Or even attend an epic costume party. But if you really want to get in the mix -- you know, get your heart pumping and your hands dirty -- what you want to do is book yourself aboard the Zombie Train. On the train, you'll be armed with a laser gun and have the chance to shoot your way through hoardes of zombies looking to board your compartment and eat your brains (or at least your packets of travel snacks).

"The ZOMBIE TRAIN is the most unique train ride in North America," says the attraction's website. "Be among the first to ride through an apocalyptic world inhabited by zombies in Sacramento's newest attraction, the Zombie Train! One part passenger train, one part zombie killing machine, this one-of-a-kind experience arms passengers with laser rifles to pick-off walking zombies along the tracks."

The ride takes two hours and gives you the option of being a regular passenger for $35 or paying $50 to get your gun and become part of the "Zombie Train Militia." I think the extra 15 bucks is worth it just to be able to put that title on your resume.

The Zombie Train is departing out of two California destinations, one in Oakdale and the other in West Sacramento. There are different departure times during the day tailored to the audience.

"Just how intense (the ride gets) will depend upon what time you ride the Zombie Train," says the site. "If you're riding at 4PM, you can expect a mild, PG-13 caliber experience. As the evening grows longer, the tension ramps up: our 9PM show is considered R-rated for language, more extreme makeup effects, and potentially darker subject matter."

Tickets are going fast, and the tour wraps up its season at the end of October. So, if you're going to be in California this month, you might want to book yourself on this train ride that's sure to get your teeth jittering -- and not just because the tracks are bumpy.

Here's a little Zombie Train video to get you pumped ...

Freelancer Michael Franco writes about the serious and silly sides of science and technology for Crave and other pixel and paper pubs. He's kept his fingers on the keyboard while owning a B&B in Amish country, managing an eco-resort in the Caribbean, sweating in Singapore, and rehydrating (with beer, of course) in Prague. E-mail Michael.

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