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The "Star Wars" universe has infiltrated every part of your life, so you might as well get the matching house keys, too.

Lightsaber keysHere are the keys to your "Star Wars" heart. Rockin' Keys

The discerning "Star Wars" fan doesn't just settle for the grand fandom gestures like screen-accurate Darth Vader outfits, AT-AT dog costumes and Pricess Leia hoodies. You want to express your devotion in subtle ways, too. Like with lightsaber house keys.

Available from Rockin' Keys, a purveyor of guitar-shaped keys, the lightsaber keys are exactly what they sound like. Each key looks like a little lightsaber, with the teeth taking up residence on the part of the weapon that is the glowing blade. Mostly these are designed to get you in and out of your house, but who's to stop you from also re-enacting your favorite lightsaber battles in miniature form?

The keys come in a set of two, one blue and one red, for $9.85. The keys can be purchased to match most standard house-key patterns, including common Kwikset keys. The shape won't give you quite as much turning leverage as a regular key, but who cares when you've got little lightsabers granting you entry into your home, Death Star or Ewok hut.

Rockin' Keys has some more space-themed keys on tap, including one that has a little UFO on top, beaming light down the length of the key. It will also be releasing green and purple lightsaber keys with a different hilt design, giving you four different lightsaber looks to choose from. Whether you pick the Dark Side or stick to Luke Skywalker's ilk, you'll enjoy making "vvvvuoooommmph" noises every time you lock or unlock your door.

Lightsaber keysA second hilt design is coming soon. Rockin' Keys

(Via Oh Gizmo)

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