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The next wave of consumer electronics could come from the maker movement and indie developers. Intel's Edward Ross wants to make the company's chips a key part of that trend.

edward-ross-intel.jpgAt a maker event last month, Intel's Edward Ross sits near an LED cube built by a teenage intern at the company. Intel wants to produce the chips of choice for the maker movement. Ben Fox Rubin/CNET

Intel's Edison chip has been launched in a rocket, floated in a weather balloon, fitted into a futuristic light-emitting dress and used to power a dancing robot spider.

The postage stamp-size processor, which Intel launched last month, is part of the chipmaker's push to power the next big wave of consumer electronics expected to come from the maker movement and independent developers.

Behind that effort is Edward Ross, Intel's senior director of inventor platforms, who leads the team working on the Edison and Galileo chips. The Galileo chips were first introduced about a year ago as electronic training wheels for beginners and "makers" -- the growing cadre of do-it-yourselfers who show off their inventions at Maker Faire events. The smaller, more powerful Edison is targeted at "pro-makers" interested in taking their designs a step further with potentially market-ready products.

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