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Samsung is expanding its manufacturing operations in Vietnam, with a massive complex that will reportedly focus on televisions.

samsungtv9230717sb.jpg Samsung

Samsung Electronics is expanding its production operations in Vietnam, the company confirmed Wednesday.

The South Korea electronics company will spend $560 million to build a massive consumer appliances production facility in Vietnam, according to Reuters. The 700,000-square-meter complex will focus its efforts on television production, said Reuters, though it will build other products for the conglomerate.

"We look forward to expanding our manufacturing capacity in Vietnam, as consumer demand for our products continues to grow across the world," Samsung told CNET in an emailed statement.

Samsung is the top TV maker in the world, shipping millions of units worldwide each year. In July, Samsung announced it would end production of plasma televisions and instead focus on curved televisions and 4K televisions, also called Ultra HD televisions. Samsung's stable of curved TVs currently stands at 17 models -- including 4K, full HD and LED variants -- ranging from 48 to 105 inches in size.

The company has also made a push to improve the features and content available for its portfolio of smart TVs. In June, Samsung showed off a prototype television running its Tizen operating system, which allows people to connect to the Web, access photos and videos, listen to music, watch live TV and theoretically download apps. Samsung executives have said Tizen-powered televisions likely would hit the market in 2014.

It's not clear how long it will take for Samsung to build its new complex and see it reach full capacity.

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