AppId is over the quota
AppId is over the quota
The company is expected to announce new tablets this month and add a gold version to its current silver and gray models.

apple-event-apple-iphone6-5555.jpgThe gold iPhone 6 Plus James Martin/CNET

Apple is expected to unveil a new iPad this month -- and it may come in a new color this time around.

Apple plans to launch a gold version of its 9.7-inch iPad, Bloomberg reported Wednesday, citing people who claim to have knowledge of the company's plans. The gold version, which would come with a white face, will flank the silver and gray models already available, according to the report.

Rumors have been swirling for months that Apple is working on the sixth generation of iPads. While major design changes are not expected, the new iPads is rumored to feature Apple's new A8 processor and updated specs.

By offering a gold version of the iPad, Apple would bring its tablets in line with its iPhones. The company's iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 models both come in gold versions. Several other companies, including LG, have also offered gold versions of their mobile devices. What the appetite is for gold models, however, has never been fully revealed by device makers.

In addition to launching a gold iPad, Apple may also boost the size of its upcoming tablet. The company is reportedly working on a model with a 12.9-inch screen. That device would be unveiled next year, according to Bloomberg's sources.

The idea of Apple designing a larger iPad doesn't seem especially outlandish. The company last month launched two new iPhone sizes -- a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. For now, it appears bigger is better at Apple -- at least in smartphones.

Apple did immediately respond to a request for comment.

Don Reisinger is a technology columnist who has covered everything from HDTVs to computers to Flowbee Haircut Systems. Besides his work with CNET, Don's work has been featured in a variety of other publications including PC World and a host of Ziff-Davis publications.

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