Google Cardboard does work with iPhones, provided you have the right apps. Photo by Rick Broida/CNET

Calling all iOS app developers! It's time to get cracking on 3D.

You see, last month Google unveiled an odd, unexpected, and thoroughly entertaining proof-of-concept: Google Cardboard, a homemade virtual-reality headset which pairs with your smartphone for a pretty sweet VR experience.

Of course, this being a Google product, it's exclusively for Android devices, right? Wrong! There are at least five iOS apps that work with Cardboard, all of them proof-positive that app developers may want to consider supporting the platform.

Want to see for yourself? For starters, you'll need the "hardware." Google's plans for a DIY Cardboard are readily available online, but you can also buy a readymade kit for as little as $20. For purposes of testing, I used one of Unofficial's Cardboard kits with my iPhone 5S. It worked fine, but I suspect a smaller iPhone (like the 4 or 4S) might actually prove a bit too small. If you're building a kit yourself, you can customize the dimensions to better fit a smaller screen.

From there, it's just a matter of finding compatible apps. So far, I've found five:

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